Water chemistry

Special care should be taken to keep the chemical balance of your swimming pool within following limits:







Free chlorine (mg/l)



TAC (mg/l)



TAC (°F)



Salt (g/l)




If the concentration of one or more of the readings above becomes too high, irrevocable damage to your heat pump may occur. Failure to keep the swimming pool water between above limits will void the warranty. Please check the information about the warranty in the manual.


Your heat pump is designed to operate in rainy weather conditions and withstand frost using a specially created antifrost technology. However it is not recommended to leave it outside for long periods of time (eg over winter). After draining down the pool for the winter, store the heat pump in a dry place.


If your heat pump has been stored for a long time, perform the following steps when re-starting the system:

1. Inspect the system for any debris or damage to the case.

2. Clean the evaporator fins if necessary. Make sure the evaporator fins are clean. Blocking the air intake will cause insufficient operation and will result in lower production of heat.

3. Check the fan for blockages.

4. Connect the water inlet and outlet.

5. Turn on the pool water circulation pump to start the water flow to the heat pump.

6. Restore electrical power to the heat pump and press the green button on the RCD.


Make sure your swimming pool is insulated. A good pool cover an insulation of the piping to and from the swimming pool can reduce the warming up time considerably.